Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Disregard the previous post about e-mail address etc.
The only way to reach Styggelse these days is through the skvaderkadaver@gmail.com address. Sometimes our titles are distributed through AJNA Offensive [USA] or Freak Animal [Europe]. Back copies and such things are sold at live shows and through personal contacts. Sometimes through Discogs.


Blood Ov Thee Christ: Masterbio Syphilitica - Dokuments 2005-2011 [C90 + 24 page A6 format booklet]

Survival Unit: Continuity LP / Deliverance from the Claws of Their Final Grasp [C90 + 24 page A6 format booklet released for SU show in Chicago 2019]

Survival Unit: The Here After - Two Decades... 1999-2019 [2 x C90 - First 10 copies come with "Artwar Archives" boxset]

Still available (very last copies):

V/A - Stadsbranden 3 [C90 compilation with Alfarmania, Young Hustlers, Ochu, Worth, Treriksröset. Comes with 20 page A6 booklet.]

Alfarmania: Vid sömnens sista tråd [C32 - cassette edition of 2 x 7" lathe cut done by another label. Includes A6 flyer.]

Alfarmania & Proiekt Hat: Furyfication [C46 - limited to 70 copies - Distributed item from Bisterband]
Alfarmania & Proiekt Hat: Flugornas Herrar [C90 - limited to 200 copies]

Engürdetz: Håsta L A B [C60 in A6 packaging with booklet. Eighties industrial / power electronics from Brainbombs / Totalitär members.]

Kristian Olsson: Genfärd [C60 + A5 artzine. Post-industrial folk horror.]

+ a lot of other stuff upon request.


Galme: Obducentens hopplösa sökande [C60 - Numbered & limited edition. Color cover. Available in end of July.]

Hollow Men: Burial of the Unheard [C40 + separate A6 booklet with new artwork and archive material. Pre-Memorandum project. - august 2019]

Proiekt Hat: T.B.A. [cassette - early autumn 2019]

Styggelser av Otto Trupp [new catalogue artzine drawn by Otto Trupp]

Shocktilt #3 [book/magazine - early 2020]

Survival Unit & Young Hustlers - From Borlänge to Chicago [C90 - Separate live performances from SU and YH in Chicago 2019. B-side has the recording of a collaborative live aktion in Borlänge 2018. - out in November / December 2019]